Tips About Trade Show Strategies For Maximizing Floor Exposure

The use of your trade show booth for maximum effect involves more than choosing a vivid color scheme and eye-catching design; To get out of the “box” allotted by trade show managers, there is also a lot of lateral thinking and pushing yourself forward. Remember that you have many components on the trade show floor – attendees, other exhibitors, promotional gimmicks, pre-display marketing and trade show management marketing efforts.


Between humanity walking on a large scale, there are hundreds of opportunities for you to engage with the audience, and for actively promoting the presence of your booths and trade shows directly to the present.

The power of referrals coupled with tangible prizes and incentives can make individual visitors leave your booths to the ambassadors. If they return with a number of guests in a cell presentation or a seminar, then they come with good promotional givve, but remember that you are looking for good quality referrals, not those who make booth numbers A group.

Fellow Exhibitors

Get a list of other exhibitors from trade show management and identify those who have the same, but are not interested in their own efforts – you are looking for opportunities for synergy here. By arranging cross-promoting each other’s booth, you will increase your own traffic figures as well as get better quality visitors, because if a visitor is interested in a product or service, which is related to your own work If so, they are more interested in you interested in

Promotional Tools

Self-promotion is critical to the success of trade shows. The title covers a wide range of techniques, including attracting live performers and booth babies, holding business card sweepstakes, seminars and conferences, guest presentations and promotions. Trade show giveaways should also be carefully selected and managed – whether you use it for promotional purposes, instill any “free” in your booth staff – if visitors want a cup or baseball cap, they must get, but of course you must Decided to receive the threshold for these free gifts.

On the Arena Floor

Keep in mind that your booth is not necessarily the only entity that you show in the event – it is a simple and cost-effective coverage to showcase the trade show space through a smaller point-of-sale booth with one or two booths. Consider placing these smaller satellite booths at key locations around the arena floor – usually you will aim at the entrance/exit, close to the food and refreshment stores, but don’t forget to try to get them close to your big competitors, hope you can also pull out some flow!

Pre-Show Marketing

The golden rule is this – never rely on trade show management to do all the marketing work! You are responsible for pre-show marketing, which will generate interest and flow for your booth and anyone else, so please check as soon as possible before the event begins. You will email and email your customer and prospect list, let you see the press release at the show and include it in the company newsletter, don’t forget to contact other exhibitors and let them know that you will be there. There, because they are potential customers!

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